We have an open peering policy subject to the following:


  • A publicly routable, unique ASN allocated by a registry (ARIN, RIPE, etc)
  • Complete, updated, and accurate PeeringDB profile containing:
    • NOC email address
    • Prefix limits for IPv4/IPv6
    • IRR as-set (we automatically filter peer routes based on valid IRR objects)
  • Network router capable of running BGP


  • Only send traffic destined for prefixes announced by AS1050 or downstreams of AS1050
  • Only advertise originated prefixes or prefixes originated by downstreams
  • No default route or the use static routes that are not authorized in writing
  • Adhere to the requirements of any applicable Internet Exchange

We encourage peering wherever reasonable as it contributes to our experimentation. Please contact us for coordination.

Route Policy

We currently support and/or filter the following:

Please see communities for additional information.