Standard Communities


BGP Standard Community AS ingress location
1050:1 Dallas, TX
1050:2 Miami, FL
1050:3 Fremont, CA
1050:4 Kansas City, MO

BGP Graceful Shutdown

BGP Standard Community Description

We set the local preference to 0 for prefixes marked with this community in accordance with RFC 8326 allowing operators to specifically encourage new paths prior to BGP sessions being disabled deliberately.


BGP Standard Community Description
1050:666 Blackhole traffic specifically within our AS
65535:666 Generic blackhole instruction

Any prefix received with blackhole communities set automatically have NO_EXPORT applied in compliance with RFC 7999.

Large Communities

Distribution control

BGP Large Community Description
1050:0:0 Do not announce route to any peers by default
1050:1:peer-as Explicitly announce route to peer-as

Routes with these communities must still match an approved transit prefix list. ASN-based Selective NO_EXPORT has priority over these communities

Relation function

BGP Large Community Description
1050:3:1 Route originated internally
1050:3:2 Route learned from a customer
1050:3:3 Route learned from a peering partner
1050:3:4 Route learned from a transit provider
1050:3:5 Route learned from an IX

ASN-based Selective NO_EXPORT

BGP Large Community Description
1050:4:64498 Do not export route to AS 64498
1050:4:64499 Do not export route to AS 64499
1050:4:65551 Do not export route to AS 65551

RPKI Validation Status

BGP Large Community Description
1050:1000:1 Prefix is RPKI VALID
1050:1000:2 Prefix is RPKI UNKNOWN
1050:1000:3 Prefix is RPKI NOT CHECKED
1050:1000:4 Prefix is RPKI INVALID

RPKI status communities are not set on updates to any peer. It is considered harmful to manipulate path attributes based on validation state as it potentially introduces harmful large-scale route churn as discussed here. These communities are reserved for looking glass and research purposes.